Customer Service Policy

  • All Sales Are Final

    All items sold as is and all sales are final. Some expectations may apply , see location or general manager. In the Event that a refund should be issued, refunds will be authorized only by the Restore location manager or general manager.

  • Holds

    Hold tags are good for one hour.

  • Solds

    Sold Tags allow for up to two business days to have the item(s) picked up. If the item is not picked up within two business days time frame the Restore will ask for a $25/day storage fee and/or Habitat reserves the right to sell the item after three business days.

  • Picking up or dropping off items

    The Restore cannot guarantee volunteer or staff availability to help with pickups or drop offs, especially large items. If buying or dropping off a heavy item please make sure to have adequate help as the Restore cannot guarantee assistance.

  • Pricing

    Pricing is set under managements guidance. Only staff/volunteers appointed by location manager are authorized in pricing donations. Our prices are NOT NEGOTIABLE.

  • Donation Acceptance List

    All donations must meet the criteria established by management. If there are any questionable items in a donation, please ask management for assistance.

  • Donation Transportation

    Customers are responsible for tying down and securing items in accordance to state, federal, and and applicable laws. Volunteers and staff are not liable for assisting in tying down or securing items.

  • Discounts

    Discounts will be set daily by management. Some donations may be price with discounts which work based on the amount of time the item has been on the sales floor. (see price tags around the store)

  • Pet Policy

    There are no pets allowed in the Restore, unless the pet serves the owner in a disability case (ex: see eye dog) or with management approval.

*All polices are designed to best assist our customers, volunteers, and staff. All policies are subject to change upon manager’s discretion when necessary.

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